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The Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI®) is a revolutionary battery of instruments that strives to develop

whole-brain thinking in individuals.

These assessment tools will help you develop strategies to sustain creativity and positive thinking in your personal and professional life.


You will also be able to identify the essence of your problems and apply creative solutions immediately.

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How was NBI® developed?

After nearly 3 decades of extensive global research into left and right-brain functions, Kobus Neethling developed the NBI® with the research guidance of Professor Paul Torrance from the University of Georgia.  While initially designed for adults, the NBI® has since been expanded to include whole-brain instruments for children, young adults, sportspeople, and businesspeople.  Ongoing research at various universities and institutes continues to play a vital role in the development of the NBI® and whole-brain science.  

What kind of insights can the NBI® provide?

It can offer valuable indications of how you communicate, interact with others and respond to different situations, conduct business, learn, teach, handle specific careers, solve problems, and make decisions.

By using the NBI®, you can develop effective teams, retain top-performing employees, select the most suitable courses of study, gain a whole-brain edge in your sport, choose the right candidates for new positions, receive guidance when choosing a new career, overcome conflicts in your personal and professional life, and enhance your creativity and leadership skills in your business

How the NBI® works:

NBI® is a diagnostic survey consisting of 30 questions that assess your thinking preferences.  These preferences can impact how you communicate, make decisions, solve problems, and manage others.  By understanding your thinking preferences, you can gain a new perspective on yourself and those around you.

The survey responses are current, relevant, and reflect your thinking preferences as they are today.  NBI® builds on over a century of research into the functioning of the four quadrants of the brain, with whole-brain thinking as a major innovation.

NBI® goes beyond whole-brain thinking by introducing the 8 Dimensions Instrument.  

This instrument identifies two dimensions within each of the four quadrants, providing greater insight into an individual's thinking preferences.  This allows for a more comprehensive interpretation of thinking preferences.  

Upon finishing the survey, you can expect to obtain the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive, colourful profile outlining your unique thinking preferences.

  • A detailed analysis of your profile and scores.

  • An explanation of how your results can impact your personal and professional life.

Individuals from diverse backgrounds, such as trainers, consultants, human resources professionals, executive coaches, psychologists, businesspeople, students, and parents, utilise NBI® products and services to remove the ambiguity surrounding their personal and professional development. 

NBI® is a premier diagnostic tool globally.


NBI® General Adult

NBI® in Sports

NBI® in Education

NBI® in Business


As a parent or educator, can NBI® assist me?

During childhood years, personal thinking preferences begin to form and affect the way children learn and study.  With education becoming increasingly important in today's competitive world, NBI® can provide children with the mental whole-brain edge necessary to succeed and become well-adjusted adults.

By identifying a child's personal thinking preferences, parents and teachers can tailor learning to achieve successful results.  This involves adapting study methods and learning environments to create the ideal space for learning, leading to reduced conflict and more effective communication.

The benefits of the NBI®:

Understanding a child's unique thinking preferences through NBI® can bring numerous benefits, such as giving them an ultimate edge in coping with the world, providing unique insights into their thinking preferences, understanding why and how one child differs from another in the way they communicate, play and learn, creating an ideal environment for the child, facilitating whole-brain creativity in doing and thinking, and filling gaps at an early age.

Moreover, by understanding your own personal thinking preferences, you can be a whole-brain parent or teacher, and apply your knowledge to the child's environment to contribute to a happy, well-functioning, and creative child.

Young Children:

In the first few years of a child's life, connections between brain cells are crucially established, and exposure to as much stimulation as possible ensures growth in brain capacity.  The NBI® Young Child Indicator can assist with the development of a child by providing insight into the WHAT, HOW, WHO and WYH of their behaviour, creating a whole-brain environment for the child, and understanding what a whole-brain discipline, communication, activities, relationships and life entails.

10-15 Year Olds:

Children aged 10-15 are in a critical phase where the school environment and social interaction play a crucial role in their development.  They require a higher level of understanding and support to tackle the challenges of this new world.  The NBI® Student profile is an effective tool that can assist children in understanding and support to tackle the challenges of this new world.

The NBI® Student profile is an effective tool that can assist children in understanding their thinking preferences, building a positive self-image, making appropriate subject choices, fostering creativity, managing stress, and tailoring their study habits to their thinking preferences.


During the teenage years, children go through a tumultuous period of transition from childhood to adulthood.  They experience significant changes in their body, mind, emotions, sexuality, values, and relationships.  

The NBI® Senior Student profile is a valuable resource that can help teenagers develop whole-brain, creative thinking, cope better with challenging situations and expectations, make sound subject and career choices, cultivate successful study techniques, interact confidently with members of the same and opposite sex, and develop entrepreneurial skills that are essential for succeeding in the 21st century. 

By using the NBI® profiles, children can acquire the skills and attributes necessary for becoming successful adults in the 21st century.

Instruments Available:

NBI® Young Child Indicator

NBI® Student

NBI® Senior Student

NBI® Learning Style

NBI® Teacher/Trainer



Refocusing on human resources in today's world, the success of a business is determined by its ability to effectively utilise its "human" resources, rather than relying solely on physical or tangible assets.  This means harnessing the skills, knowledge, and insight of employees, clients, and suppliers to drive growth and success.  

Gaining a Competitive Edge:

Understanding personal thinking preferences can give your business a competitive edge in various areas, including recruitment, staff retention, team building, innovation, marketing, creativity, leadership, and conflict management.  For instance, assessing a job applicant's thinking preferences can provide valuable insights into their suitability for a specific role.  During times of significant change, such as implementing employment equity or refocusing on emerging markets, identifying thinking preferences can reveal existing paradigms and highlight areas that need to be shifted.

Tailored Solutions:

Our team of international trainers, in combination with NBI® and creativity coaches, can provide customised solutions to meet your business's unique needs.  We offer consultations and training to help you effectively utilise your human resources and gain a competitive advantage in today's dynamic marketplace.

NBI® Success Stories:


"It was not long after implementing the NBI® that we started to experience positive results on many fronts.  Our salespeople were able to communicate remarkably better with our clients, and we all understood the needs of our clients so much more.  The ability to use our whole brain in problem solving changed everything for us.  Six months after implementing what we learned from the NBI®, our profits rose by 54 per cent."

Marinda Le Roux,

Regional manager at cosmetics company

Avroy Shlain.

"We started production on this mine 50 years ago. During the past three years we were able to equal the production of the previous 47 years.  This miracle was due to two factors: new technology, and the introduction of the NBI® creativity programmes"

Representative of the Anglo American Platinum Mine in Swartkop

This was the best training we have ever received. The results were immediate.  The focus was on finding solutions and to move away from a problem-oriented organisation - and this worked for us.  Our profits went way above our expectations.  We are opening new offices all over and there are just no limits anymore.  There is an aliveness amongst all our employees and the clients are now more positive towards us than ever before.  We are keeping our association with Kobus Neethling.  We have the policy in our company that every employee must attend the NBI® creativity programmes.

Shaun O'Keeffe,

Chief Executive Officer of Telemarketing company O'Keeffe & Swartz

Learn to do business with your whole brain.


  • Add value and insight to

  • Team Building Strategies

  • Creativity and Leadership

  • Conflict Control & Resolution

  • New Employee Selection

  • Employee Retention

Instruments Available:

NBI®General Adult



NBI®Personal Negativity


NBI®Leadership Style

NBI®Creativity Style

Business Conference


Becoming a successful athlete requires more than just physical fitness.  To truly excel in your sport, it's crucial to have a deep understanding of your personal thinking style and how it affects your approach to training, game strategies, and interactions with teammates and opponents.

The NBI® will help with the following:

Training Session Enhancement

  • Show greater dedication to your training sessions.

  • Improve your proficiency in executing specific steps and procedures.

  • Utilize the techniques learned during training while you are on the field.

Strategic approach to the game

  • Heighten your concentration during the game.

  • Apply creative thinking when traditional techniques are ineffective.

  • Strike a balance between established strategies and the need to adjust to the unique conditions of each game.

Social Engagement

  • Boost your personal capacity and enthusiasm

  • Foster stronger connections with your teammates.

  • Enhance your stress management skills.

Effective Leadership

  • Develop your capacity to maintain a holistic view while paying attention to details.

  • Equip yourself to manage conflicts and crises during games.

Instruments Available:

NBI® Rugby

NBI® Rugby Referee

NBI® Soccer

NBI® Golf

NBI® Tennis

NBI® Cricket

NBI ® Netball

Rugby Players


David Lutes (USA)

Global Talent Management & Organisational Development Specialist

"Doing my profile assessment yesterday with Sanet Stander was incredible.  I'm not new to psychometric assessments, but this was different and better.  Both NBI's 'angle' and focus AND Sanet's grasp of how and her style to help me understand what it all means - and doesn't mean - was a true eye-opener.  A really positive and helpful process. 
Thanks Sanet!"

Heidi Collyer (UAE)

Teacher, Musician, Blogger

"So informative and helpful to have! Was VERY surprised at all the information you learn about yourself!!"

Tamsin Jones (UK)

Businesswoman & Mom of 3

"Sanet, Thank you so much for the brain profiling exercise you did for Callum.  This was such an amazing and worthwhile experience for him and for me.  Just fascinating!  You have helped with some fabulous career options for when he leaves school (too early now).  He is now able to clearly choose the right subjects for Gr 10.  I thoroughly recommend this exercise to anyone else out there and definitely speak to Sanet.  She has vast experience in this area and personal experience with her 4 children."

Sajitha Ranjith (India)


"NBI brain profiling was a very unique experience for me as it helped me understand myself one step deeper.  The choices we make as a result of our neurological connections has always been an area of interest for me as a teacher.  However, after doing this test myself the many questions I had as to why I naturally gravitate towards certain activities and performed them exceedingly well whereas some others were challenging and never enjoyable now made perfect sense!  Highly recommended for high school students, young adults and anyone who is keen on improving self effectiveness."

Candice Meershoek (SA)

Make-up artist, Entrepreneur and Mom of 2

"Sanet was extremely professional and made me feel at ease.  After answering the questions I met her to discuss and have everything explained.  She went into depth explaining beautifully to me.  My mind was blown by how accurate everything was and how I can train my brain to work on the other areas where I was so strong.  I found it all extremely helpful and insightful.  I was so pleased that I did it with Sanet! She is simply amazing at what she does. 
Thank you Sanet!"

Lucy Gatinho (SA)

Entrepreneur & mom of 3

"My husband and I had our profiles done together and I found it so interesting how Sanet managed to disect it all for us and explain our different brain preferences.  Suddenly it all made sense! With this clarity we understand each other so much better.
It's been brilliant for business too as I now understand the different quadrants and can identify what information my clients would need.
Sanet is brilliant at what she does and I would highly recommend her."
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