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The Power of Whole-Brain Thinking:

A New Perspective on Decision Making and Overcoming Challenges:

In life, we all face challenges, both big and small. The way we approach these challenges can have a significant impact on our outcomes. But in order to make decisions and approach challenges differently, we also have to think differently. This blog explores the idea that taking a step back and approaching challenges with an ‘aerial view’ can be useful and necessary. Understanding your personal thinking preferences can help identify habits and patterns in your behavior, leading to positive changes. To illustrate this concept, I’ll share my personal experience of being involved in the process of publishing a book during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recognizing Thinking Preferences:

Each of us has our own unique thinking preferences. These preferences influence the way we make decisions, solve problems, and approach challenges. Some people naturally lean towards analytical thinking, while others are more intuitive. Understanding your thinking preferences is the first step towards thinking differently.

I had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in the process of publishing a book. While I love working with people and am skilled at organizing, I realized that change and unstructured environments weren’t my strong suits. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic presented unforeseen challenges, and I found myself out of my comfort zone.

Recognizing my thinking preferences, I knew I had to adapt and think differently. Whole brain thinking strategies became my tools for navigating the uncharted territory. Whole brain thinking incorporates both analytical and creative thinking, allowing a more balanced approach to problem solving.

By accessing whole brain strategies, I was able to stay focused on the project’s goals while aligning with the big picture. I combined my organizational skills with more creative thinking, seeking innovative solutions to the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Meeting Amazing People with Life Changing Stories:

The journey was not without its hurdles, but it ended up being a huge blessing for me. Besides the honor of sharing in the author’s journey (read more about David Lutes) I had the opportunity to meet incredible individuals with life changing stories. This experience highlighted the power of taking chances, embracing challenges, and thinking differently.

I encourage anyone to take a chance, face challenges head-on, and see what happens. Recognize your thinking preferences, adapt your approach, and you might discover new strengths and opportunities you never knew existed.

In conclusion, changing behavior and ultimately outcomes requires a shift in thinking. Understanding your thinking preferences and embracing whole brain strategies can be the key to approaching challenges with a fresh perspective. My own experience in being part of this book during the pandemic is testament to the transformative power of thinking differently. So, the next time you encounter a challenge, remember that it might be an opportunity in disguise.

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