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This is my haven for collaboration and success. In my Konnect journey, I've been fortunate to partner with incredible individuals and businesses that have played a pivotal role in shaping our shared success story.

These partners are more than just collaborators; they're the heartbeat of my venture. Their expertise, unwavering support, and unique perspectives have been instrumental in helping me navigate challenges and elevate my business to new heights.

Meet the remarkable individuals and companies who have become an integral part of my entrepreneurial journey. Together, we've woven a tapestry of collaboration that goes beyond business – it's a testament to the power of meaningful connections and shared aspirations.

Together, we're not just achieving goals; we're creating a legacy of success built on the strength of genuine relationships.


David Lutes

Executive career coach and leadership consultant, author and teacher.

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The Clowder Bookstore

Online bookstore 

Guidance, Goofs & Grace


Marisa Hayward

Counselling Psychologist


Lucy Gatinho

Social Pulse

Social Media Marketing and Content Creator

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