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Beyond Left and Right: Unleashing the Power of Whole Brain Thinking with Neethling Brain Instruments

So, people often ask me about left and right brain stuff, and honestly, it’s more complex than just picking a side.  There’s a very useful tool called the Neethling Brain Instruments that dives deep into the different dimensions of the brain and how our whole brain works.  When I checked my own profile, it turns out I have two dominant quadrants, both hanging out at the bottom - just one on the left and the other on the right.  

But here’s the thing:  there’s too much hype about left and right brain dominance.  It’s not just about choosing a side; there's a whole spectrum of possibilities we should be considering.  It's like saying you only get vanilla or chocolate when there’s a whole ice cream parlor of flavors waiting for us.

The important bit is... Synchronicity.

It's like the brains version of a dynamic duo.  When the left and right sides sync up and work together, that's where the real magic happens.  It's not  just about seeing things in black and white, it's about the beautiful shades of grey and all the colours in between.

Discovering how to practically apply this in our lives? Now, that's the sweet spot!

It’s not just left or right; it’s about the dance they do together that makes our thinking and decision-making really shine.

The practical application of the whole brain holds the key to so many possibilities.  And the beauty of the Neethling Brain Instrament is that there is no right or wrong - it’s simply finding out what your thinking preferences are and how to fire on all cylinders!


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